Dog Of Your Dreams


What people say!

I feel like me and my dog have a wide open future and will be able to do lots of cool stuff that we were not able to do before... It is so enjoyable to go on long walks with my dog while he is in a calm state of mind walking behind me. Also, just the overall change in state of mind for my dog. He is much calmer, more aware, thinking about his choices, etc.
Amy O.
Capone is so easy to handle now! I can take him on walks, to the store, have company over and have no apprehensions!!
Aashna C.
Bruizer now follows me instead of leading me in a walk. He is also not reacting to other dogs during a walk and if he does I have the tools to correct him and bring back his attention to me.
Kristen B.
...our goal was to fix our dog's leash aggression, which we did and more by establishing good communication between us and him... Thanks again for making a huge difference in our lives!
Katie M.
This training accomplished more than I could have hoped for. My dog did not look at me as his pack leader but now he does. He listens to me and you can tell he want to do what I ask. You covered everything I was concerned about and more. He use to run in the woods or over to the neighbors but now if he gets out he comes right to me even before I call him.
Mary G.
I can walk my dog now without him pulling me. He is like a different dog. It was a serious problem and now I look forward to walking him.
Melissa F.
my dog finally listens in an environment full of distractions
Jordan P.
Kylo is on his way to being a full relaxed dog as opposed to anxious 24/7.
Courtney R.