Dog Of Your Dreams

60 Days To The Dog Of Your Dreams

Experience our natural, relational, and transformational approach to getting the dog of your dreams!

I feel like me and my dog have a wide open future and will be able to do lots of cool stuff that we were not able to do before... It is so enjoyable to go on long walks with my dog while he is in a calm state of mind walking behind me. Also, just the overall change in state of mind for my dog. He is much calmer, more aware, thinking about his choices, etc.
Amy O.
Capone is so easy to handle now! I can take him on walks, to the store, have company over and have no apprehensions!!
Aashna C.
"Change your dog, change yourself, change your life!"
Matt Hendricks
Creater of Dog Of Your Dreams, Founder/Co-Owner of Follow The Leader Dog Training and Rehabilitation LLC


60 Days To The Dog Of Your Dreams is a program that was developed over the last 16 years using tools, techniques, and teaching methods that actually work in real world situations.  This is the same program that Matt and his team use Successfully everyday with their private clients at Follow The Leader Dog Training and Rehabilitation LLC. Now, this life changing program is available online so that you and your dog can get great results from the comfort of your own home.